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Booking rules :

  1. Minimum Occupancy Requirement:
    • The villa is available for rental to accommodate a minimum of 24 guests / 12 bedrooms. Even if your party consists of fewer individuals, the villa will be rented out in its entirety to accommodate this minimum requirement.
  2. Additional Services:
    • Should you require additional rooms beyond the minimum occupancy of 22 guests, such services are available through our Additional Services section.
    • The maximum total additional bedrooms can accomodate 20 guests.
  3. Requesting Extra Rooms:
    • If you anticipate needing extra rooms for only a portion of your villa rental period, kindly indicate this requirement in the designated form below.
    • Upon receiving your request, we will promptly assist you via email to arrange for the necessary accommodations.
  4. Cleaning fee:
    • A cleaning fee of 1000 euros encompasses a comprehensive service tailored to ensure the pristine condition of the villa, including meticulous cleaning of all rooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, and common spaces. Additionally, it covers the laundering and replacement of towels and other essential amenities to uphold a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Our dedicated team ensures attention to detail and quality assurance, guaranteeing a refreshing and comfortable stay for every visitor.

Welcome To Villa Lungomonte

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Villa Lungomonte, Via Trieste 8, Asciano Pisano 56017 PI, Italy 

+39 333 602 7198    

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