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Tuscany Villa with pool

Welcome To Villa Lungomonte

Historical Luxury Villa in Tuscany

Villa Lungomonte, nestled in Tuscany’s rolling hills, combines historical grandeur with modern luxury. It boasts intricate Renaissance-era frescoes, ceramics, and chandeliers. Modern amenities include Wi-fi, spa facilities, and a private pool. Set against a backdrop reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, it’s the ultimate timeless Tuscan retreat.

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Historical Villa

History and modern luxury meet at Villa Lungomonte

Villa Lungomonte stands as a timeless testament to Tuscany’s rich history, its walls echoing tales from the illustrious Italian Renaissance era. Every corner, from its intricate frescoes to hand-painted ceramics, narrates a story of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Amid this historical grandeur, the villa seamlessly infuses the comforts of the present. Guests can luxuriate in a private pool while being surrounded by architectural marvels. State-of-the-art amenities like Wi-fi and pool facilities intertwine harmoniously with ornate chandeliers and period furniture. Here, design celebrates both the old and the new, crafting an atmosphere of nostalgic contemporary elegance. The villa not only preserves its ties to a bygone era but embraces today’s luxury, making history feel alive and inviting.

Our Rooms

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Our Amenities

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Enjoy the perfect tuscan vacation


Villa Lungomonte Timeline

Bonheur People

Meet Our Key People

At Villa Lungomonte, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Get to know the faces behind the scenes who make it all happen.

Fabio Petrucci

Fabio Petrucci

Host and Events Coordinator
Fabio is the driving force behind Villa Lungomonte. With a passion for hospitality and an unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, he brings 11 years of experience to the table. Fabio is not just a leader, but a host at heart, ensuring that every guest feels the warmth and charm that define the villa. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating seamless events, he ensures that every celebration at Villa Lungomonte is tailored to perfection.
Cydney Hudson

Cydney Hudson

Head Chef/ Culinary Director
Indulge your senses in the exquisite culinary creations crafted by our Head Chef, [Chef's Name]. With a culinary journey that spans [X] years and a dedication to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, [Chef's Name] curates a dining experience that reflects the essence of the region, leaving your taste buds wanting more.
Jeremy Murray

Jeremy Murray

Vineyard Owner
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Lilah Franco

Lilah Franco

Bonheur Manager
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Welcome To Villa Lungomonte

Enjoy the perfect Tuscan Vacation

Villa Lungomonte, Via Trieste 8, Asciano Pisano 56017 PI, Italy 

+39 333 602 7198                events:

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